Holmes ENVIRO offers biotechnology for improving crop management. Specific microbes interact with roots, foliage or residue. All programs are 100% compatible with conventional practices to reduce production costs
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Hyper Galaxy™ is the first product for plant rhizobacteria and plant growth promotion
  • Directly improves plant growth, crop yields and #1 quality
  • Product is applied to seeds or root zone
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Enhand™ works to increase the PGPR bacteria and fungi in roots
  • Inoculate soil health
  • Product is best applied at planting or first watering
  • Note* This product does not replace a fungicide program
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Stealth™ is technology developed by Holmes ENVIRO
  • Improve vigor and tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Note* This product does not replace a fungicide program
  • This product is best applied where contact is made with aboveground parts
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Redtail™ helps to manage crop health and heal plant wounds
  • Apply 5 - 12 days prior to severe damage or after pesticide treatments
  • Improves the effectiveness of most crop health programs
  • Note* This product does not replace a insecticide program
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Microdigest ™ is the only inocula for degrading plant, organic and chemical residues
  • Beneficial microbes will reduce the stress factors and crop problems
  • Biodegrade toxic residues that lower crop production
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Conditions of sale: The information contained on this label is believed to be accurate and reliable. Buyer and user acknowledge and assume all liability resulting from the use of this material. Follow directions carefully. Timing, method of application, weather, crop conditions and other factors are beyond the control of the seller. 04/2017